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There are some things to consider when buying used Bouncy houses

If you have a limited budget, it is a smart decision to buy a second-hand high valve product. People buy second-hand cars, houses, furniture, and clothes. Even though not all second-hand items are great deals, you can still get the goods you need at a low price. Most people are willing to take that risk. Inflatable bouncers can be tricky. You might want to know if a second-hand bouncer is worth the risk. It all depends. These are some things to think about before making a second-hand buy.

1. Who is the manufacturer?

The manufacturer is the best source of information if you are looking to purchase an inflatable jumper for your rental business or daily use. You can’t trade with the manufacturer if you buy a second-hand inflatable. However, it is important to identify the manufacturer of the bouncy house you are considering. Are you familiar with the manufacturer or are you unfamiliar? Its price is determined by the brand.

2. Who is the seller?

Are you a business owner, an individual or a manufacturer selling the inflatables? Different sellers can sell different inflatables. Individuals may sell their commercial or residential bounce houses for very low prices. Sometimes you might get a good looking jumping castle from an insolvent rental company, but you will get better service and maintenance from a manufacturer.

It is impossible to know the exact condition of the used bouncy castle. Think about the differences between them. A manufacturer will have a reputation that is upheld while other sellers are more likely be reckless. If you purchase an inflatable used from a manufacturer, it will likely be a good investment. You can also recommend this manufacturer to your friend who is looking for a new or second-hand bounce house.

3. Why did the seller sell it?

This is the most important question and will determine if you are able to get a good bounce house. Although most of the reasons they sell their inflatables are clear, it is worth asking a few additional questions to get a closer look. If a bouncy castle rental business is in existence, they are unlikely to resell their inflatable equipment. You can even imagine how it would look.

Inflating the inflatable jumper and inspecting it in person is the best way to assess it. You can request a video of the inflatable being used if you are far from the seller. You will feel more secure if you are able to inspect the inflatable at its place. First, inspect the exterior. Does it have a clean appearance and no mildew smell. Do you see any mold spots, tears or nicks? Examine the stress points and abrasions on the PVC material to determine if seams are beginning to separate.