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Love is in the Air-The Best Candle Scents & Settings for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and candles are a sweet, simple way to show your love. Candles can soften any space with their warm glow and inviting scents and create a feeling of intimacy.

These are some ways candles can be used to enhance your celebration, whether you’re celebrating with a friend or family member.

Give it and Mean It

A survey by the National Retail Federation found that consumers spend more on Valentine’s Day gifts, up to $60 in just one year. These gifts are not only for romantic partners. More people buy gifts for their friends and family.

These giant teddy bears that are a staple in the household are being swapped out for gifts that tell stories or evoke emotions. One-quarter of respondents to the survey plan to give “gifts of experience” This experience-oriented mindset is particularly popular among millennial, as it allows them to create special memories.

Candles can be a wonderful way to share everyday experiences or indulgences. Do you want to make February 14 special? You can gift your friend or partner a candle making kits to make personalized candle with a personal message and photo, or a scent that will remind you of a special memory.

Infuse Emotions with the Sweetest Scents

Fragranced candles can be a great way to spread Valentine’s Day cheer. Fragrances are well-known for their aphrodisiac effects. Uplifting floral scents like Lavender Lemongrass, Cut Roses, or Golden Gardenia can cause sparks to fly. You can also choose jasmine, Honeysuckle, or cherry blossom as romantic options.

You can create a masculine scent by lighting a strong, but still cozy, a fragrance like Firewood. It’s not a problem. You can try a scent such as Rose Water & Ivy.

Create a Romantic Mood with Romantic Lighting

Lighting is key to creating a romantic atmosphere. Soft flickering candlelight is ideal for Valentine’s Day dinner dates because it removes all distractions from the room and allows you to focus on your partner.

Mixing candles in different shapes and heights into centerpieces can add elegance to a home-cooked meal. For an added touch of drama, scatter red rose petals around your table.

Red and pink candles are great for expressing love and attraction. However, white candles work well with any table setting. These creative candle vessels are a great way to get in the Valentine’s Day spirit. You can display a humorous message or a striking design.

An accidental fire is the worst thing that can happen, so make sure to follow candle safety precautions.

What is a good alternative to traditional candles?

While candles are an essential part of most households, they may not be for everyone. Some people don’t like the smell of candles or dislike wax. Many people have children or landlords who prohibit candles from their rental space. These people may still want to smell the wonderful fragrance of candles to add a sense of warmth and comfort to their homes.

A candle fragrance oils may be a better choice for your home, family, or lifestyle. We only use the best premium fragrances. This whole-house air freshener is a great choice for candles which can be difficult to clean and could potentially cause fire hazards for you. Take a look at our complete line of premium home fragrance products and you will be able to discover a whole new home fragrance solution.