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5 Advanced Driving Techniques

Advanced driving doesn’t have to be dangerous. Motorsports can teach you many driving tips to improve your safety and performance on the roads. As they increase your passion for driving, you will feel more confident with driving instructors Perth.

  1. Turns

It is better to avoid cornering at high speeds in most cases. Some tricks may be helpful if you have to turn quickly and without too much deceleration to avoid an accident.

If you are not confident about the road and your car’s ability, don’t accelerate into corners. Once you are at the corner, release your foot from the accelerator. Only accelerate once you have completed the turn. Over steering or losing control can lead to sudden speed increases and loss of control.

  1. Left foot brake

This technique is not recommended to race, but experienced drivers can use it if their car becomes out of control. Practice left foot braking in a controlled environment to avoid any complications.

The left foot brake is simply the movement your left foot makes from the clutch to the brake pedal to enable dual operation of gas/brake. This gives racers an edge, and it can allow you to have greater control of your vehicle in tight spots.

  1. Driving the car

Sometimes, complacency is a result year of experience. For those who have been driving for decades, they tend to hold the steering wheel with one hand and keep their hands off the ground. This may be fine for sitting in traffic jams but it’s not the best way to drive in rush hour and at high speeds.

Your hands should be at the same time as your eyes, between 9 and 3. Your grip should be tight against the steering wheel. This will enable you to adjust the position or turn the steering wheel with precise pressure. This helps to keep your steering wheel from becoming sucked out of the grip when you come across water or ice.

  1. The racing line

This is the race line professional drivers use to get from A-B in the quickest time. This method is also very useful for commuters, as it can improve safety. Because of the challenging weather conditions, it can be difficult for pro drivers to follow racing lines. Instead, they focus on areas with the best grip.

To maintain traction, we are not asking you to steer your car in the opposite direction. We want you to understand you’re racing lines so that they can be adapted to the environment. Avoid wet spots to reduce the chance of your car sliding.

  1. Expanding your horizons

Even if the car is acting erratically, you shouldn’t stare at it. You won’t be able to see the danger ahead if you do. Driving may not realize that paying too much attention behind the wheel can cause danger. It forces you to trust that person to tell what is safe.

The most skilled drivers can rely on their observation skills to see far ahead. If you have a high height difference, it could mean that you are looking directly at the car in front. It is much more common to view the windshield. This will enable you to see the car clearly in front of you and allow you to look ahead for possible problems.

Competing on the track can give you more experience than you might expect. Some techniques may be easier than others but they will make you a better driver. No matter the road conditions or weather, you will feel more confident driving your vehicle.