Australian Regenerative Medicine Laboratory Leads Global Beauty Field, Revolutionizes Recombinant Aggregated Signaling Peptides, and Redefines Oral Anti-Aging


As the demand for anti-aging solutions continues to grow, scientific institutions and universities worldwide are actively exploring methods and technologies in this field. Australia has brought together several internationally renowned universities and research institutions to establish the Australian Regenerative Medicine Laboratory, dedicated to researching cutting-edge technologies in regenerative medicine and contributing to the global development of anti-aging science.

Gekkit Health’s Australian Regenerative Medicine Laboratory was founded in collaboration with the Australian Cell Anti-Aging Research Center, the University of Sydney, the University of Queensland, and the University of New South Wales. The laboratory boasts extensive research experience and a strong academic background in regenerative medicine, staffed with a wealth of professionals and equipped with advanced experimental facilities. The team includes experts from various disciplines such as nutrition, clinical medicine, pharmacy, and chemical engineering, providing robust support for the laboratory’s research endeavors.

The main research interests of the laboratory include cell regeneration, tissue engineering, and gene editing, aiming to explore safer, more efficient, and personalized anti-aging methods. Through experimental research and clinical trials, the laboratory strives to continuously optimize and validate various anti-aging technologies, offering new perspectives and approaches for the global anti-aging field. The establishment of the Australian Regenerative Medicine Laboratory marks a significant milestone, symbolizing Australia’s solid progress in regenerative medicine.

Since 2009, Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, as the chief scientist of the Australian Regenerative Medicine Laboratory, along with her team, has devoted ten years of effort, conducting over 3,000 experiments. In June 2019, they ultimately discovered the revolutionary “Recombinant Aggregated Signaling Peptides.” This technology was first applied to the field of oral beauty, becoming the core of the world’s first cellular-level anti-aging product, heralding the official birth of GOVMY. It uses recombinant aggregated signaling peptides as an exclusive patented ingredient, complemented by scientific formulations, developing products that address dual-directional anti-aging for both extracellular environment improvement and intracellular function. In 2020, GOVMY launched a product called SMAS Gravity Anti-Aging , entering the global market and providing consumers worldwide with a new oral beauty solution.

We look forward to the laboratory achieving more results in future research, making greater contributions to the global anti-aging endeavor.