Affiliate Marketing for Beginners & Dummies – How to Find the Best Affiliate Program and Make Sense with Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Ever heard of third-party marketing efforts done to sell the products and services of a business? That is Affiliate marketing. It is a revenue-sharing concept, in which the businesses pay for the customers brought in by the affiliate marketer. The concept works in a very simple way. Offer marketing services to the businesses wanting to earn more revenue than usual but does not have the marketing capacity. Sell their products or services and get a commission for every sale done. This is a very simple and easy process to make money. But a Making Sense Affiliate Marketing could only help the marketers to stay on the track. An affiliate marketing program for beginners is the major resource that could utilize while running a marketing strategy. Such tools help in expanding the target level, bringing in more traffic, and helps in generating potential lead. We will discuss one of the programs further in this article. Nevertheless, the Affiliate marketing technique benefits both the business and marketers.

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Why Affiliate Marketing:

Some good looking reasons that why anyone should choose affiliate marketing includes that it earns money even when the marketers are asleep. Simple is that, with a little investment of time, scope and slight amount of money can begin this setup. The good looking reasons also expand to the demographic studies. As of now, it has been studied that nearly 70% businesses in the world prefer working with the affiliate marketers. Along with the 75% of producers prefer passing the promotions jobs onto the affiliate marketers based on cost-saving. As reported through statistical analysis, United States receives nearly 10% increase in affiliate marketing revenue every year. Means after every 365 days, some new clients add up to the queue to get the affiliate marketing services. A further study associates that affiliate marketing is nearly 40% cheaper to conventional marketing. The grand platforms such as Amazon and New Egg have recently revised their payout structure to lure more input from the affiliate marketers. This is one good tip to the Affiliate Marketing for Dummies.

5 Steps to Start Affiliate Marketing:

Starting up with affiliate marketing requires marketers to pick a suitable niche. Here in this resource article, we have specified a few ways that could help the affiliate marketers to choose a profitable niche. Further, a few tips have been gathered for the Affiliate Marketing Program for Beginners. With everything put into the right column could help the marketers do wonders and earn millions out of it. All that is required is to invest in the exact right option. That next requirement that comes in is the building of sales funnel, driving traffic and building the PR.

Let’s move ahead to the 5 steps to start affiliate marketing:

  • Find a Niche:

Niche is actually the branch in a major portion. Such as women apparels is a major market segment. But the bags, jewels, watches and stuff like that are the niche. When choosing a niche, it is favorable to pick the one that can be managed easily. Certainly the one for which there are enough resources available. But at the same time it should be enough large to get the revenue floating. The niche could further be classified in terms of experience and passion. If a person has experience of a certain niche, he would be able to understand the market structure, study its progress and forecast the imminent changes. And the passionate niche is those for which a person is enthusiastic about. He wants to market those products and earn revenue. He would be enthusiastic about that particular niche but may require time to understand the market behavior in that segment.

To better reach a profitable niche, conduct some web research. Google the products under your niche, review their ratings, see the consumer response and check the marketing techniques of the already existing affiliate marketers for that niche. This research could further be extended to social networks. See what people are talking about the products or services in that niche. Compile their reviews based on the products and the service they got. Accordingly plan your strategy. In addition to that, check what is going on in the market. Explore the market trends for the particular niche and run keywords research. Choose the commonly used keywords that could help boost the campaign. Along with all this also check the best affiliate marketers for this niche and study their strategies.

The experience in a specific niche helps many affiliate marketers. They could identify the subsequent sections of that niche. Such as people having experience of motorbike accessories could identify the right part for each bike. And this way they could suggest the exact part needed for the visitor’s motorbike.

  • Sign Up For Affiliate Programs:

After distinguishing the niche, the next step is to sign up for affiliate programs. There are plenty of amazing and profitable options available for affiliate programs. But before selecting a program it would be wise to learn how money could be earned from these programs.

The affiliate programs actually act as the bridge between the producers and the consumers. On that bridge, the affiliate marketers are the vehicles that transport goods and services from the producers to the consumers. It is not necessary that the supplier would only be the producer. It could be a major distributor, a wholesaler or anyone with massive stockpiles. They need to sell their products in order to generate revenue. Due to their massive size, they less prefer hooking out to the consumers directly and offer them their products. Instead they jump onto the bridge and inspect each vehicle for the traffic of their type. There the affiliate marketers get a chance to sign up with them and start marketing their products. In result, they pay commission out of the revenue for every marketing effort made. The marketing effort is only judged on the basis of traffic generated. Some manufacturers even pay for all those consumers that signed-up for their newsletters and free-trails and they originally came in using your vehicle.

Here are a couple of examples that may further help to clear this step. Amazon, New Egg, and Ali Baba are among the famous merchant groups where people sign-up and start selling. With the help of certain keywords the affiliate marketers can advertise the products they are selling. These keywords help in attracting traffic. Besides these merchant groups, there are some manufacturers who have their own online ventures. Like one of the famous furniture manufacturer, Flash Furniture. They have their own website on which they sell their products. But they could also be reached out for the affiliate marketing and they happily offer a plan.

Ahead of that, there are group affiliate programs. They could serve well as the Affiliate Marketing Program for Beginners. These group programs have gathered various manufactures based on their niche in a group. The marketer may choose the niche and start working on it. All that is required is to sponsor the campaign. Sponsor in a way, the marketer may need to create a product review, content and the social media posts to spread the word. Some group programs even pay for the sponsor efforts made.

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  • Build a “Sales Funnel”:

First, let’s get to a brief explanation of Sales Funnel. The sales funnel is actually a marketing term, characterized by the consumers’ way to buy a product or acquire a service. The funnel may include the marketing at the top, sales in the center and the consumer at the bottom. This is a general overview of the sales funnel. Funnels are bigger at the top, meaning the marketing efforts are put more. The sales are lesser than marketing in general, as none of the marketing techniques could help convert 100% visitors into customers. But a properly designed strategic plan could help increase the numbers.

This nutshell works as a major marketing principle. The affiliate marketing beginners would require a few things to set up a basic sales funnel. First, get a website as well as a social media appearance for the marketing enterprise. It should be enough strong to retain the visitor. Well, that only needs a beautiful yet attractive design, user interactive features and all the required information about the product. Certainly, this could help in getting leads. Market level for every product is different. Some are bought without getting an offer. Instead the prices are just compared and they are purchased. But some products need an offer. In that very case, stay active to reach out to the leads who demand an offer. Give them that offer which may help in retaining that lead as well as converting it into the sale. And alongside it may also add an opportunity to do some upselling. Make sure to carry a variety of products based on quality and price. Not every consumer affords expensive items. Some may even look for a cheaper option. So there should be something to entertain them.

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  • Drive Traffic to the Funnel:

Once the funnel is in place, next is the recipe for driving the traffic to that funnel. This is a recurring step that every affiliate marketer needs after regular intervals. Through this channel, the marketer could educate the consumers about certain products or services. This could certainly be classified as the content generation segment. It may include product reviews, guides to how to do, comparison between products, ads and posts on fashion and style.

Consumers prefer reading about certain products before they get them. Like the girls would study the health benefits olive oil and aloe-vera before getting the beauty products containing these ingredients. Based on the product niche chosen, the marketer would need to create content regularly. Some niche requires the postings every other week. And some suffice with an interval of a fortnight. Every niche has a different requirement and that could be accessed by observing the content generation of the competitors.

  • Build a Relationship and Pitch Them Via Email Marketing:

Retaining a customer is as important as generating traffic and converting that into lead. The best way to retain customers is to serve them better and to remain in touch with them. With suitable customer support, affiliate marketers can ensure a smooth transition in every sale. Alongside, if the customers are updated on the new inventory, fresh products, and deals and discounts, it could make them shop again.

The standard email accounts, as well as the paid emails, can do the job equally. First that is required is the lead, which could be generated by taking information from customers when they make a purchase. Make sure to take their consent for the marketing emails as some customers might not prefer getting such emails. And some may even file a complaint about spam emails.

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Why You Should Build a Funnel and Email List?

Every organization has one primary goal, generate leads and get the most out of it. The funnels serve in orienting the campaign in an organized manner. A strategic plan may not work efficiently unless it is organized properly. The funnels assist with all such aspects. Ahead of that, the email list could assist in building the lead bank. Regularly sending out the mails, could increase the traffic. Alongside it also retains the existing customers. A simple reason to stick to this plan is the cost and its effectiveness. The funnels and the email list cost very less compared to the other strategies. Along with that, the emails could serve as the long term asset.

Tools You Need for Affiliate Marketing:

Filling the desk with so many tools would not only cost too much but will also create confusion. The best way is to choose the basic tools needed along with a specialized tool to boost the campaign. Starting with the basic, the affiliate marketers need a content checker. A tool that could check the content and suggest changes to increase its optimization characteristics. One good example is Grammarly that has plenty of content improvement features that could help in creating attractive content. Next a tool is needed to optimize the behavior of content. For that, Yoast is the best tool to use. Ahead of that, a funnel builder is needed that could help to generate leads and then converting them into customer. Click Funnels is one of the best solutions for that.

ClickFunnels – Funnel Builder:

ClickFunnels is an all-in-one solution for the lead generation and conversion. For the lead generation, this application offer features like marketing emails generator and dispatcher, landing and sales pages. Ahead of that, there are plenty of handy features included for the conversion as well. In a way, it is an umbrella with every solution that the affiliate marketers need.

ActiveCampaign – Email Auto Responder:

The ActiveCampaign is an email automation tool. This handy tool assists in creating efficient as well as prompt marketing emails. The automation feature takes the credit for sending the marketing emails to the leads and specific groups (as specified) in just a single click. Ahead of that, it also includes CRM features that could boost sales.

Wealthy Affiliate – Website Hosting and Support Community:

The Wealthy Affiliate has every solution needed to host the websites and get support from the expert affiliate marketers. They have plenty of robust and scalable solutions available that could be adopted to serve the customers best. Ahead of that, they have every tool that an affiliate marketer would need to manage the website.

How to Build Your Funnel:

Here we have got five simple steps that would assist you in creating your first funnel:

  1. Build a “Funnel” Using ClickFunnels: Before creating a funnel you would need to have an active account with ClickFunnels. Go to to get your free 14-days trial. Once activated, log-in to the ClickFunnels account, integrate it and choose open New Funnel from dashboard. From there you can choose Classic Funnel Builder or Funnel Cook Book. In the Classic Funnel Builder you would need to select the goals such as marketing emails and then the type. The Funnel Cookbook are the advanced settings like templates settings. Next the integration needs to be managed which includes domains, SMTPs, and the payment gateways.
  2. Build an Opt-in Page: This is the first page in funnel that collects leads from the traffic. In order to create that, from the funnel Steps, add a new step. Name the step and open the menu and select Email ClickFunnel Opt-in Page. There you will see plenty of different page designs. Choose the one which suits them best.
  3. Setup Follow-Ups Emails – ActiveCampaign: Doing it first time, then it is easy. But doing it after using any other software, then first remove it from your mind. Choose the categories in which the leads are to be divided, such as customer, potential leads, cold leads and else. Put the emails accordingly, and set the automation to follow ups.
  4. Integrate ClickFunnels with ActiveCampaign: Integrating ClickFunnels with ActiveCampaigns could bridge the lead transfer. From the ActiveCampaign settings, choose a developer and note the API URL and Key. Go to ClickFunnels Integration Settings and Add New Integration. In the search bar look for ActiveCampaign. Click it open, add API URL and Key and click Add Integration. That’s it!
  5. Drive Traffic: Once done with everything, you are all set to take benefit of your existing leads. Put everything to functions and drive traffic in.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Funnel

There are plenty of ways to drive traffic to your funnel. Among those are the Solo ads which sell the best quality ads that could effectively run ROI. Visit to get high-quality solo ads.

Email Marketing:

Driving traffic from emails might look crazy. But actually it is one of the professional ways to reach out to the customers. Especially when your lead is full of business clients. The easiest suggested way is to grow the lead, choose the email service, categorize the leads, automate the emails and return to the customer support. For that the ActiveCampaign comes quite useful. Visit to sign up for a free trial. Ahead of that, if you need any further training on email marketing, you may visit to get free training.

YouTube Videos:

Generating leads from YouTube needs you to be creative. That is the very first requirement. Everything is on YouTube and it is also one of the biggest search engines. Optimize your videos in accordance to boost views on YouTube. Make sure to add high-quality content. Spread the videos on social networks, blogs, and other online appearance channels to increase the views. Use the CTA (call-to-action) strategy, like ask the viewers to like your video and subscribe for your channel. With every such practice, you can drive traffic from YouTube.

Facebook Ads:

Facebook has a couple of options available, free and paid. In the free version, you have to do all the effort, look out for the traffic, invite to your page and share the content with them. While with the paid option Facebook does everything for you.

Blog Traffic

Blogging is the content generation segment. Create product reviews, the blog on various new technology, suggest DIY tips and much more. This would educate the visitor as well as give them a hint to buy your product. Further, one of the best blogging platforms is Wealthy Affiliate. Visit to sign up today. And if you want to learn more about blogging you may visit

Others Ways to Drive Traffic

Besides the suggested pattern, there are plenty of other ways to increase traffic flow. To get more tips you may visit

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