Best Plants For Liven Up Your Office Space 


You would spend most of your time working at the office. So, adding some colors of nature, and lively touch to this place can help to keep everyone energetic. It results in improving productivity, and workers love to stay in the workspace. This also helps to keep the people peaceful who love to be outdoors or are obsessed with nature. In addition, placing the greeneries will bring you the advantages such as reducing stress, boosting productivity, decreasing sickness and absence rates, and others. Also, the Office plants melbourne can purify the air, make the workspace more pleasing to job applicants, boost creativity and do more. If you look for some best office plants, then consider the below assortments. 

Snake Plant 

The vertical snake plants can endure in low light, and can live without strong sunlight. It is generally designed for office life where you don’t have enough time to care for the greeneries. As it can survive in drought, you can give a drink to the plant on a Friday while leaving the office. It will give you the advantages such as removing toxic pollutants, boosting mental health; purifying the indoor air even at night, and more. 

ZZ Plant 

Zamioculus zamifolia typically known as the ZZ plant is succulent. It can thrive in an average to the bright light atmosphere, even hold up just fine with florescent bulbs as the only source. This needs a little water, but you do not need to worry about water every time. As it is a slow grower, you can keep it on your work desk easily. This one helps in absorbing the pollutants like toluene, xylene, and carbon dioxide from the surrounding air at the office. 

Rubber Plants 

You can keep the rubber plants in your workspace, which is an excellent addition to any work desk. It has gold-green and purple leaves that look stunning and add a warming touch to the workspace. This will grow quite tall and comes with broad and flat leaves. It is well-known for effectively removing indoor air pollutants from the environment. Furthermore, it is easy to grow and has anti-inflammatory properties. 


If you are a plant novice, then you can prefer the amazing cactus. It can thrive in natural light and only needs to be watered once a week during the summer and spring. During the fall, and water, you can water it once every three weeks. This is small enough to fit on your desk and add a unique touch. It helps to reduce the inflammation in the body and is easy to maintain. 

Spider Plant 

The spider plant is famous for being a wonderful addition to the working environment. It is extremely low maintenance and survives in partial shade and light. So, you do not need to spend time watering constantly and adjust the foliage for light exposure. This has good air cleaning properties and aids in removing toxins from the environment. 

Final Opinion 

Based on various scientific researches, keeping the Office plants melbourne can help to prevent tiredness during attention-demanding work. Also, looking at greenery can bring a healing effect. So, be sure to choose the best foliages, and place them at your desk, and enjoy the pleasant ambience.