Five ways to use stubby holders for all of your promotional needs


Stubby Holders are and have been an extremely favored gift. It is an item always associated with relaxation. You can crack open a cold one, sit back, relax and unwind with a stubby holder, and that is why it makes a quite effective and absolutely classic evergreen promotional product. As Australian as “G’day mate,” the modest but incredibly practical stubby holder is essential throughout the summer because cold brews don’t last as long in the heat. Everyone will be talking about your company as they gather around the grill or relax by the pool thanks to promotional stubby holders. Stubby Holders, Simply Merchandise are a great way to keep the customers cool, and the brand hot. It is a dynamic solution for all of your gifting requirements, whether for co-workers, clients, or even customers. Additionally, you may completely personalize it to meet your branding requirements with the help of Simply Merchandise, Australia. 


The best method to integrate any new employee into the business is to make them feel welcome and give them the opportunity to truly experience the brand identity through a meaningful gift. Why not include a customized stubby holder in their welcome package to aid them in staying hydrated and relaxed once they get back home? 

Event Goodie Bags 

Events and trade shows have returned. which only has one possible meaning. Also returning are goodie packages. You need items that will last the voyage home if you want to stand out from the crowd. Custom merchandise is simple to find, but making distinctive, durable goods that people want to have forever might be more difficult. The good news is that the latter group includes customized stubby holders. You’ll quickly start receiving the phone calls you were hoping for if you include some stickers, a pen, your business card, and a personalized notebook. 

Employee Rewards 

While giving presents to new hires is a terrific idea, your current crew also deserves a reward. A thoughtful present always goes a long way, whether you’re celebrating a milestone, giving around the holidays, or just want to acknowledge their hard work. Why not give your staff a stubby holder that is both practical and serves as a reminder of how much you appreciate them? 

Client Gift Baskets 

Without exceptional customers, what is a business? To encourage loyalty and build enduring connections, you must make people feel important and cared for. Put a personalized stubby holder with your brand on it inside a gift basket filled with goodies to show what your collaboration will look like in the future. Furthermore, they won’t ever forget your name. 


Custom gifts are the best way to introduce your new brand to both clients and staff if you’re rebranding. Spread the word about your new hues. Keep your brand current with custom stubby holders. 

Simply Merchandise can assist you in finding distinctive, high-quality things for every price range, including the greatest corporate presents available. Don’t accept less than the best when it comes to imprinting your company’s logo on merchandise. If you are still indecisive about what promotional products to invest in, or what to put in your employee goodie bags or client gift baskets, you can click here to Check out for more products offered by Simply Merchandise, to come up with the perfect gift basket.