How To Fix HP Toner Cartridge Issues?


Hp printers are the first best choice of the majority of people as it ease the job and give out the required results. But it will be irritating when the HP Toner Cartridge doesn’t work properly or simply refuse to work. The notification will be popped up on the screen “no ink in the cartridge” when the print option is clicked. In such cases what strategy must be followed to override Hp cartridge errors can be understood by reading the given-below content.

Installation Of Incompatible Ink Cartridge

One common cause for the error is the incorrect installation of the ink cartridge. In such cases, it will lead to an incompatible ink error on the printer. Therefore, users are required to remove the cartridge and install it after reading the printer manual. Know which ink cartridge fit your printer model and install it properly. 

Non-Original Ink Error

Once the user has installed the cartridge a “Non-Original Ink” error notification will be popped up on the screen. Just click on Proceed or Click or Ok option and then continue your printing process. At times even after the error may persist and message will be displayed. In such a case remove the ink cartridge from the Hp printer. Now use hot-water dipped cotton swabs to clean the carriage and cartridge. It can also be cleaned by using isopropyl alcohol. After cleaning, wait until it gets dried to install the cartridge and continue your work.

Depleted Ink Cartridge/Incompatible Cartridge/Ink Cartridge Failure

The miscommunication of the printer and chip on the cartridge can cause errors. Therefore, the first step is to reset the printer for recovery from any errors. The subsequent step is to disconnect the power cord while keeping the printer turned on. After unplugging the power cord wait for about 1-2 minutes for the printers to rest. Then turn on the printer for restarting its work. Sometimes even after unplugging the failure will not be fixed. In such cases, remove and reinstall the cartridge 2-3 times until it firmly seats in the slots. Use a clean wet cloth to wipe the contact on the cartridge and carriage for removing dirt. Let it be left untouched for about 10 minutes to get it dry. Now cartridges can be replaced on the right slots and complete the printing process. 

Ink out/Empty Ink/Low Ink

If you are a lucky Hp user, then you must have faced this issue while printing. The message “Low Ink” will be displayed, even if you have recently changed the cartridge. Most of the time is due to the improper installation of the cartridge. Just ensure that the cartridge sits on the slots firmly and if it doesn’t reinstall it for resuming your printing work.  

Closing Words

The above-listed are the few common errors faced by users while printing with HP Toner Cartridge. If any issue still arises visit HP official website and choose the Support option for resolving the errors. Hope the content helps you to find solutions to fix Hp printing issues.