Top Furniture Company in Australia


Australia is home to unique furniture and sofas of the highest quality. When it comes to their work, Australians enjoy being hands-on and creative.

Because of this, the best furniture brands in Australia are prime examples of the form-meets-function mentality that is so prevalent on our beloved continent.

These are people who value both the method and the material, and their work shows it. There is a wide range of furniture brands to suit a variety of tastes and budgets, including expensive options and designer pieces.

It can be difficult to buy home furnishings. Before deciding on a budget, you must first select a theme for your home or rooms that you will be happy with for several years.

Do you want to renovate the entirety of your house or just a few new pieces for specific rooms?

In this article, we will talk about the best furniture brands in Australia.

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Fantastic Furniture

Fantastic Furniture Corporate Office Headquarters Address: 62 Hume Highway Chullora, NSW 2190, Australia

Fantastic Furniture is a furniture retailer that is owned and operated in Australia. It is a Greenlit subsidiary. With more than 1,000 dedicated employees and over 80 locations across Australia.

Both in-store and online, they offer a huge selection of furniture, including their very own line of Australian-made sofas and mattresses!

The people at Fantastic Furniture want to assist you in designing a home where you can unwind in comfort, knowing that quality furniture does not have to set you back a lot of money.

They have a large selection of traditional and contemporary furniture at reasonable prices, so you can furnish a single room, a house, an investment property, or a vacation home!


DesignByThem Corporate Office Headquarters Address: 109-111 Shepherd Chippendale St, Sydney, New South Wales, 2008, Australia

DesignByThem was established in 2007 by industrial designers Nicholas Karlovasitis and Sarah Gibson. The company, which has its headquarters in Australia, is run by designers who are committed to producing one-of-a-kind products for design enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The DesignByThem team creates its products in-house, develops them internally, and distributes them worldwide.

The distinctive Australian perspective, timeless aesthetic, and distinct playfulness of the brand’s expanding curated collection of furniture, accessories, and lighting are what set it apart.

Products made by DesignByThem can be found in airports, offices, universities, restaurants, hotels, and libraries all over the world.

They are always asking how they can improve the working lives of their clients and customers to make their lives more enjoyable.

Maki Maki

Maki Maki is a small, dedicated group of solid timber experts based in Brisbane that focuses on producing high-quality commercial timberwork. Shopfitters, cabinet makers, builders, designers, and architects can get solid timber joinery solutions from them.

They also provide beautiful desks and tables for residential customers.

Their designs are constantly changing, but they are always based on the idea of making furniture that is useful and fits the Australian way of life, like being used every day, accommodating growing families, entertaining, and lasting a long time.

They are committed to using sustainable timbers, ethically sourced materials, and minimizing their carbon footprint. They produce durable furniture of high quality.


Jardan Corporate Office Headquarters Address: 42 Oxford St, Paddington, New South Wales, 2021, Australia

Jardan is an Australian furniture company that has been in business since 1987 and is owned by a family that is aware that neither the eye nor the hand can ever truly be replaced. Handcrafted in Melbourne with care and precision, each Jardan piece is made to order.

Nick and Michael Garnham, brothers, own and run Jardan. Their Creative Directors, Nick and Renee Garnham, are the driving force behind every aspect of their furniture, lighting, and home goods’ aesthetic, design, and colour choices.

Jardan’s Director of Finance and Operations is Michael Garnham, who ensures that each custom piece of furniture is made to the highest possible standards. Jordan employs more than 170 people today, up from eight employees in 1997.

Mitre 10 

Mitre 10 Corporate Office Headquarters Address: 19 Corporate Drive, Heatherton VIC 3202, Australia

Mitre 10, which was founded in 1959, is a significant player in the Australian hardware and home improvement markets. It is a well-known local and independent retail network that includes more than 300 Mitre 10 and True Value Hardware stores.

Mitre 10 is a privately held business that is devoted to providing expert advice to each and every client. Over the past 50 years, their stores have provided home improvement projects to millions of homeowners with solutions.

Because many of their stores are in regional Australia, they are a part of local communities all over the country.

Their staff has extensive experience with hardware and home improvement, and they can provide you with useful guidance that is not only straightforward but also likely to save you time and money.


Dessein Furniture has focused on designing, manufacturing, and selling original Australian-designed furniture for architects, designers, and design-conscious consumers since 2012.

Modern, functional designs that stay true to Australia’s identity are a reflection of the country’s distinctive culture, way of life, and landscape. They are ardent supporters of local design.

Dessein collaborates with some of Australia’s most talented established and emerging designers to create furniture, lighting, and accessories that are both youthfully sophisticated and adaptable. They believe that design should be durable and cost-effective.

When it comes to choosing the materials and resources that are readily available in a given area, they make thoughtful and careful choices.

They are able to reward customers with savings while simultaneously minimizing waste and adverse effects on the environment.


Zuster Corporate Office Headquarters Address: 370 Swan St, Richmond, Victoria, 3121, Australia

Zuster is the Dutch word for sister. In terms of design, Zuster represents a five-generation Dutch family’s legacy of high-quality Australian design and craftsmanship.

Today, Wilhelmina McCarroll and Fleur Sibbel use Zuster’s expertise in handcrafting to create a distinctive style that is beautiful and refined.

The Zuster collection is infused with provenance and heirloom appeal thanks to exceptional craftsmanship, bespoke detailing, and intuitive function.

Zuster’s furniture and homewares collection is notable for its exquisite detailing and refined finishing, drawing on the sisters’ shared passion for fashion, art, and furniture.

Each piece makes a statement on its own, is made to improve and elevate the spaces in your home, and becomes a part of your family’s history.


Ingrain is a symbol of a genuine Australian aesthetic that places a strong emphasis on biophilia—the utilization of natural and tactile materials in designs that have been carefully considered.

They are passionate about making beautiful and useful items for your home and are proud of their long history of quality craftsmanship.

They use recycled, reclaimed, and sustainably managed Australian hardwoods like Messmate, Tasmanian Oak, and Victorian Blackbutt, as well as other texture-driven materials like stone, leather, and brass, to create a variety of contemporary designer pieces.

Ingrains designs and crafts pieces that are considerate of the natural environment and are made locally, and they are committed to eco-responsible design.

They are proud to use local suppliers, which helps the economy and reduces environmental impact.

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