You Need A Real Estate Agency To Find Your Dream Suburban House in Point Cook


Moving to the suburbs west of Melbourne means not only getting to enjoy living in gorgeous natural surroundings but also benefiting from a region that is increasingly becoming a destination for living a happy and fulfilling life, as well as being a great investment. Melbourne’s western suburbs already have hospitable, varied populations, an under-the-radar culinary scene, and vibrant arts and sports cultures. Some western suburbs like Point Cook and Sanctuary Lake are growing in population, infrastructure, and facilities. Point Cook and Sanctuary Lakes are becoming increasingly popular with families looking for the luxury of a big contemporary house with outdoor space, as well as a variety of sports and recreational opportunities close for the weekend. Read More

What makes Point Cook a great place to live in?

With the creation of Sanctuary Lakes, a ground-breaking resort-style home complex with a magnificent golf course, the Point Cook population skyrocketed in the late 1990s. The estate was rapidly adopted by its residents, who appreciated the peace, security, and numerous opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Outstanding house plots with golf frontages, lake vistas, and Parkside positions, and belonging to Sanctuary Lakes Resort means belonging to a self-contained lifestyle enclave where inhabitants are members of an elite club. This resulted in more home complexes springing erected at the same time around Point Cook and Wyndham City, as well as businesses and shopping areas.

Homes in the western suburbs are often less costly than those at the same distance from the city heading east or further north. Point Cook and Sanctuary Lakes are more popular than ever, giving easy access to Melbourne without the hassles of city living. Point Cook is a family-oriented neighbourhood. There are several parks located inside and surrounding the neighbourhood, facilitating a more family-oriented lifestyle. Many of these parks are within walking distance of one another, as well as the numerous home building sites.

Recent public transportation initiatives, including as the Regional Rail Link and the Avalon Airport Link, make it simpler to return to the western suburbs. Even though transport in the West is improving, you can escape everyday commute stress entirely. Find a career that is considerably closer to home! The western suburbs are already well recognised for construction, manufacturing, warehousing, industrial, and logistics prospects.

How We Can Help!

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