How Is Artificial Intelligence Changing The Fashion Industry?


One of the most talked about topics in the tech industry at the moment is artificial intelligence. It is something that is changing the world very quickly, causing worry for many people in the world.

There is a common debate about artificial intelligence as well. Some people believe it will make the world better, others think it will do the opposite and make it worse. The problem is that technology is moving quickly, especially in artificial intelligence.

Although AI is in the early stages, it is causing many people to be worried about their industry. That includes a loss of jobs in some fields. Nevertheless, artificial intelligence is also improving the quality of work and producing work at a quicker pace by being more efficient.

One of those industries that is improving is the fashion industry. It is designing and manufacturing apparel far more efficiently than a human. Another thing to mention is that it is improving sustainability, something this particular industry has struggled with in the last 20 years.

Improving The Designs Of Clothing

Usually, the design of clothes consists of trial and error. A designer would put forward the design to a manufacturer, see what the end product is and then redesign the product if required. Artificial intelligence is helping the industry design clothing ideas more efficiently and functionally.

An AI algorithm can analyse the data from multiple platforms such as blogs, social media pages and buying habits of consumers. It will then help identify future trends as well as help predict colourways and new styles. It also allows fashion brands to keep ahead of the industry, without requiring the need for individual researchers.

Another positive about AI design is that it can create concepts. Concepts that have been inspired by the algorithm. Again, this saves designers a lot more time and money, giving them the ability to make the product better rather than starting from nothing.

Improving Manufacturing In The Industry

Another thing that AI has improved recently is the manufacturing side. Materials are often wasted during clothing production which is what AI also helps with. Again, this shows that the fashion industry is improving the industry by being more efficient with the materials used.

The production line is also improving in the industry thanks to artificial intelligence. The robots that were once used for apparel production are a little outdated. It helps complete work in a much quicker time. As robots are now more advanced due to AI, they are reducing the production costs of human workers, because they are no longer for cutting and sewing fabric.

Personalising Has Been Made Easier Thanks To AI

We now live in the digital world, a world that relies on the internet for most information. Personalisation is now more common, especially in the fashion industry. Furthermore, AI can report consumer data such as purchase history and recently viewed products. Although this has been common for several years, it is more efficient than ever due to web cookies. Advertisement and product suggestions are more tailored to the consumer rather than them looking at random products.

Artificial intelligence can personalise designs including preferred styles and exact body measurements. It allows the consumer to purchase products which are more tailored to them, leading to a better fit.

Improving Sustainability with AI

Sustainability is also being improved in the industry as it is a growing problem for the world. It has been a massive concern for the fashion industry, causing many brands to reevaluate how they produce their products such as full tracksuits, dresses, playsuits, t-shirts, shorts and many other clothing items.

As artificial intelligence can analyse data more quickly than humans and more efficiently, it is helping with reduced production waste in factories. A more efficient process means less waste taken to our landfills.

Another good thing about AI is that it can reduce transportation and storage costs, including reducing CO2 emissions on these journeys. For example, Google Maps uses AI to calculate efficient routes for vehicles, helping to minimise carbon emissions.

Artificial Intelligence Improves The Consumer’s Experience

Artificial intelligence is helping the retail industry by using AI-powered chatbots to provide personalised recommendations to customers. These chatbots are used as a customer service mechanism to direct customers to the right place.

Something else artificial intelligence is improving is helping customers understand what the product looks like on them. For example, jewellery stores are helping their customers see what jewellery looks like on them. Brands such as Specsavers are also helping their customers see how the glasses look on them using AI.

Product Tagging Assisted By AI

Automated product tagging is another area improved by AI. Usually, product tagging is a task for humans which is very time-consuming. This requires a human to tag the products with information about their size, colour, and how they are washed as well as other details.

Thanks to automated tagging, it is making inventory more efficient as it is far more accurate. That allows customers to view products in their sizes and colour on e-commerce websites.

Is The Fashion Industry Benefiting From Artificial Intelligence

The fashion industry has seen a lot of changes in the last 50 years due to technology being more advanced. Technology has helped us mass-produce clothing such as faux leather jackets, pants, oversized tees, bodycon dresses and full tracksuits. Due to this, fashion brands are using fast fashion to grow their brand which has caused many economical issues. Nevertheless, AI has benefited the industry massively by helping to be more sustainable.

AI has also helped with marketing methods, helping to show advertisements to customers which show relevant products to them. We are also seeing AI used in a way that helps get ahead of fashion trends.

Another positive about AI is that it has helped with customer service. Consumers are using AI chatbots to find products they want, as well as find more information about delivery and returns.

There is no doubt that AI has benefited the industry and has helped the fashion industry massively. However, it has put many people out of their jobs which is always a growing concern for people’s jobs.