How to properly defrost your refrigerator


When using a household refrigerator, one way or another, it is necessary to defrost it. For budget appliances with manual defrosting of the freezer, it is done regularly. But even technologically advanced refrigerators with No Frost sometimes need it. The problem is indicated by the formation of a snow “coat” in the freezer. There may be several reasons: changes in temperature mode, improper storage of food, or various mechanical failures. If the frosting is caused by a violation of the rules of operation, the situation can be corrected by your own efforts. But in the case of a malfunction, you can not do without calling a master, such as a technician for refrigerator repair in Vancouver. Let’s think about what needs to happen when there is snow and ice in the freezer.

How to defrost a two-compartment refrigerator correctly: sequence of actions

  1. Unplug the power cord and open the refrigerator and freezer compartment doors wide open.
  2. Empty the shelves: remove all food and drinks. In wintertime, you can solve the problem by putting them on the balcony. In summer, you can put them in a large container and place it in a basin of cold water. If the defrosting of the refrigerator was planned, it is not superfluous to stock up on thermo packs in advance.
  3. The process of defrosting the refrigerator takes time. Depending on the amount of ice it can take from 3 to 10 hours. The most correct thing is to leave the technique overnight, putting a rag under it just in case. Though in modern models water drains through a drain on the back wall into a pan above the compressor.
  4. After all the ice has melted, both chambers should be cleaned inside. Cleaning will help get rid of odors and remove any dirt from the shelves. Make sure to clean the seals as well! It is possible that crumbs clogged in them, the door ceased to close properly and icing appeared.
  5. There is no need to artificially speed up the process, as such measures are fraught with consequences.

What not to do when defrosting your refrigerator

There are many recommendations for defrosting the ice in the chambers faster. The most common mistake is to break off pieces of ice with a knife or other sharp object. This can scratch the wall of the chamber or puncture the freon tube. In the latter case, the refrigerator will either need an expensive repair or it will have to be thrown out altogether.

It is also advised to put a hot water bine into the freezer, place containers with hot water oshelves,helves and even use a hair dryer. Steam or hot air, of course, will melt the ice faster. But it can heat and warp the plastic or damage the seals, which will begin to shrivel.

Do I have to defrost the No Frost refrigerator?

The principle of the system is precisely to ensure that this is not necessary. When using No Frost appliances in good working order, users really don’t see any frost, because the evaporator is behind the back panel. Although frost does form on it, the defrost system melts all the frost, and the moisture drains through the drainage channel into the tub on the compressor. However, Know Frost, like any refrigerator, requires cleaning of its internal chambers. For this purpose, it is recommended to unplug it once a year and wash it.

But sometimes ice appears in refrigerators without No Frost. Many people mistakenly take the formation of ice in the freezing chamber of No Frost refrigerator as a non-serious trouble. But the snow “coat” not only complicates the access to the products and their placement, but also can disable the fridge components. For example, if the air duct to the fridge compartment freezes, it becomes warm, and the motor begins to run continuously without shutting down. In an attempt to cool the chamber, the motor can burn out.

Therefore, if persistent frost has appeared in the No Frost refrigerator, this is definitely a sign of failure! It is possible that the heater (TEN), defrost sensor, or the electronic board is burned out.

What to do if there is ice in your No Frost refrigerator

First, you need to check the conditions of its installation and operation. First of all, make sure that the appliance stands at a distance from the wall and heating devices. Also, make sure that the door has not been left open overnight. If no such problems are found, it is recommended to defrost the refrigerator, turn it on, and monitor its operation for a week. When ice builds up over and over again, you need to call a technician to do by diagnostics.

Superior Appliance Repair Expert’s skilled technicians often encounter situations where defrosting a two-compartment refrigerator does not fix the icing problem. Most users try to solve it constant defrosting, but that’s not the answer. An experienced specialist knows which nodes’ breakdowns cause frost and which ones lead to the situation when the refrigerator does not freeze. It is their inspection that most often allows you to quickly find the problem. During a home visit, the technician will carry out all the necessary repairs and give competent advice on how to defrost the refrigerator correctly and how often it should be done.