How to Split a PDF Document Into Multiple Documents


If you want to split a PDF document into multiple documents, you can use the tools provided by Acrobat. These tools allow you to split documents into smaller pieces according to their file size and number of pages. For example, if you have a 10-page PDF, you can split it into two files and create a new one with five pages for each one.

Adobe Acrobat

To split a PDF document into separate Adobe Acrobat documents, you first need to open a PDF document in Adobe Acrobat. Then, you will want to select the AutoSplit plug-in. This plug-in can be downloaded for free or for a trial version. Once the AutoSplit tool is installed, you can open the PDF document and begin the splitting process. When the process is finished, you’ll receive a pop-up box informing you that the process has been successful. Once you’ve completed the process, you can go to the folder where you saved the separate PDF pages.

There are many ways to split a PDF document from by page, file size, or top-level directory. Choose the one that best meets your needs. It will be easier to manage if you can split documents based on page ranges or page numbers. This process can be done using a drop-down menu in Adobe Reader.

Adobe Acrobat is the default PDF viewer installed on your computer. The Split menu lets you choose which pages to split and which top-level bookmarks to use. Once you’ve selected the pages, click “OK” to split the PDF document. A new PDF file will be saved in the output folder.

SysTools PDF Splitter

A PDF splitter is a software that allows you to split a PDF document into several smaller files. The program is available for Windows and Mac OS X and works with any version of Adobe Acrobat. It is also able to split and merge password-protected PDF files.

You can choose to split a PDF document by page number. This option allows you to extract the pages that you want. You can split the document by page range if the document has many pages. Alternatively, you can split a PDF document by an odd number of pages.

When you’re done splitting your PDF file, you can use the PDF Merge option to merge the multiple files into one large file. With this feature, you can also watermark each PDF document page with a “Created with SysTools Software” watermark.

The PDF Splitter tool can split a large PDF document into multiple PDF files, each of a different size. This software is compatible with Windows OS and works with various PDF versions. It can even split documents that have an unusually large file size. It will create separate folders for each PDF file.


iLovePDF is a useful tool for splitting PDF documents into multiple pages. It allows you to choose the number of pages to extract, or you can specify a fixed interval and choose each page separately. The split feature also lets you choose which pages to keep and which to delete.

Once you have chosen how many pages to keep, you can specify where the files will be saved. Splitting a PDF document is easy. To do this, you should use the “Organize Pages” toolbar, then select “Split” from the “Number of pages” drop-down menu. It will split the document into two or more files.

iLovePDF is a free web-based application that lets you split and merge PDF documents. It also allows you to extract specific pages, such as those from scanned documents and filled-out forms. Moreover, you can merge the extracted pages into a single PDF document to share with others.

Another great feature of iLovePDF is that it’s completely free. This software offers various tools for different tasks and is very easy to use. All you need to do is choose which one you need and then press “Go”. It’s free; you don’t need to download it to start.

Adobe Document Cloud

Adobe Document Cloud offers a free trial for those who want to split documents. You can cancel your subscription at any time after the trial period. However, this is a temporary solution, and you should look for a free online option to split PDF documents. You can split PDFs by page range or page quantity.

You can use a third-party app if you’d prefer to split PDF files using Adobe Document Cloud. This tool lets you split documents by size and has a range of features for customizing your split. It will also let you merge files.

PDF Splitter is an all-in-one PDF tool that combines a creator, editor, and reader. It’s a secure option for private documents, so you don’t have to worry about security issues. The software also lets you split and rename pages instantly.