Merchandise Pens for Affordable Brand Promotion


People lose pens daily, so giving someone a free promotional pen can be a welcome gift. Whether they need to take down the number of a client, write a reminder, or pass on vital information, a pen is an important tool. A well-designed promotional pen can allow your brand to have a high impact with customers while serving a real and useful purpose. 

Here are the reasons we love pens as a marketing tool.  

Cheap, Light & Easy

Pens are one of the cheapest promotional materials open to businesses. They are light, easy to manufacture and can be made in bulk when there’s an event on the horizon. 

Due to the low cost of manufacturing the pens, you can hand them out to your customers without worrying about losing money. Every time you send a client paperwork, simply tossing in a pen or two is an easy way to start reaching new customers. 

Always Demand

Pens are a tool that will always be needed, no matter what industry you operate in. When it comes to legal documents, notes and letters, handwritten is the only way to go. Pens aren’t going out of style, and taking advantage of that is just good business.

When your future customers need to reach for a pen in a rush, your pen should be the first one they see. 

Multiple Options

There are many options on the market for what type of pen you should make, and there is bound to be something that is suitable for your brand image. For example, if your business is for children, coloured pens may be wanted. If your business is a high-end financial one, high-quality executive pens are a better choice. 

If you need quantity above all else, you can still make a unique ergonomic pen, with your logo emblazoned on it, at a very affordable price. If you can, we highly recommend taking the time to imbed your brand colours into the pen also, for easy brand awareness. 

Just remember, if you hand someone a well-designed pen, they’ll appreciate it for years to come. 

Mobile Branding

The coolest thing about promotional pens is that they don’t often stay in just one place for very long. If you’re in a pharmaceutical business and send three pens to a doctor’s office, you’ll be shocked at how much they move around. They’ll be in the hands of a patient to sign a document, used to write a prescription and more. 

Each time a pen you design is in a new person’s hand; you get free customer awareness of your brand. The best part is, they will usually have your brand on their mind, long after they finish using the pen.

The Verdict

When you look at it closely, Promotional pens, Simply Merchandise are an avenue of promotion that no one will ever reject. Everyone needs pens, and even if they don’t have a few around, it never hurts. Even if your pen ends up in a pen holder on someone’s desk, it will still have value. 

So why miss out on this affordable and easy option for promotion Check Simply Merchandise, Australia