What Is WPC Decking, Types & Applications?


Why the term WPC Decking Brisbane is in demand, isn’t your doubt? This blog help you to unravel it.

People often forget their outdoor space and focus indoors on how to improve their appearance. To attract people or create a big impression on your house, pay attention to your outdoor place. Exactly, the balconies, swimming area, or landscape is what needs your concern over other areas.

To make the space aesthetic and add interest you need to bring a new floor installation, which holds high qualities. If so, WPC decking is somewhat satisfies your need and beautifies the outdoor space. Let’s check out more about WPC decking from scratch to the end.

What Is WPC Decking?

The short form of Wood Plastic Composite is called WPC and is made of 60% artificial wood fiber, 30% of plastic composite, and 10% additives. In other words, you can say this is an eco-friendly flooring option that is formed with co-extrusion technology.

To gain the high resistant ability, purchase at WPC decking in Brisbane with multilayered structure to achieve great longevity additionally.

Types Of WPC Decking

In general, WPC Decking dived into two types such as hollow and Solid WPC.

Solid WPC:

It is a contrast to Hollow WPC and has profound strength, durability, and a long lifetime. Due to these characteristics, this is quite challenging to install and carry. So you need to approach professional help when you want to install properly and professionally in your home.

Hollow WPC:

This lightweight element is like Bamboo Panels in Brisbane, so carrying and installing with it is too simple. The same quality somewhat drawback for Hollow WPC i.e. vulnerable to dents and easily get damaged by heavy objects.

WPC Decking Applications

Let’s see the WPC deck holding advantages in detail one by one.

Natural Appealing

No doubt wooden floors blend with any environment, so you do not need to paint or decorate additionally. This is the perfect choice for outdoor space and highlights the overall look of the space effortlessly.

If you choose other flooring, then it leads you to paint or garnish according to the surroundings to prevent odd looks. So installing WPC decking reduces your time, a cost that expends for adorn and keeps you stay healthy.

Easy To Use

In particular, this is an excellent choice for residents whose family have children, aged members, or pets. Besides, it owns slip-resistant, insect-proof, splinter-free, and not prone to break easily. Children and pets can play freely due to its extreme robustness and nature-friendly manufactured process.

On the other hand, this material is awarded for its excellent characteristics, which makes it in demand among the people.


Among the public, WPC decking is a popular choice comparatively traditional timber decks. To make your floor tolerate wear conditions, and highly resistant to rot and decay, you have to swift to this recommended option.

Apart from these, having the greatest strength and stability protects it from corroding, so install WPC Floor today.


To make the floor eco-friendly WPC decking in Brisbane is made with recycled plastics and waste products. This is a super option for people who all need to step or walk on carbon footprints, so install it for your outdoor space. You can control negative impacts with this sustainable flooring or the best alternative for health-affecting floors. You can buy WPC decking for your balcony, landscape, or lawn area to ensure health concerns.